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Ethics Policy

At Color-Bridge, we commit to meet or exceed all related national and local laws and regulations, as well as industry standards set by national and international organizations.

Health and Safety

We commit to make and provide a green, safe and hygenic work environment to all employees at Color-Bridge.

For all new employees, we provide work & safety and fire prevention training.  All dormitories have free drinking water, hot water shower system, recreational facilities, ventilation facilities and lighting.

Labor Ordinance

We never employ child and forced labor. We treat all employees fairly, and endure to provide a non-discriminate working environment. All working hours and minimum wages meet or exceed standards of local regulations.  All employees are free to form lawful associations.

Environmental Policies

We are complying with ISO 14001 certification. Our environment directions are: obey environmental protection policy, save energy, avoid polution and keep improving.

We always ensure ourself :

- to continue to protect environment

- to prevent pollution

- to comply with related environmental laws and regulations, and other applicable standards

- to educate environmental protection concepts to employees at all levels

- source paper from lawful and certified source only


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